Internet Marketing

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tools of Survival for Internet Marketing

Like any industry, Internet Marketing has its own special marketing tools and methods. As a web site owner you are probably familiar with the importance of Internet marketing tools.

Content and pay per click advertising are just two of many internet marketing tools that you can utilize to improve your search engine optimization and achieve high web site traffic. There are different Internet marketing tools that you can utilize. Using Internet marketing tools, which will help you will find better placement in search engine positions and rankings.

Tools for building, maintaining, marketing and promoting online commerce at any level will be indispensable in marketing your products and services on the Internet. I have named this article " Tools of Survival for Internet Marketing," as I will list out the tools that I would find not only necessary, but also mandatory for anyone beginning their quest to start an Internet marketing business.

Autoresponders: Will be one of the most widely used marketing tools you will ever get your hands on! A good company to use is Aweber,
Once you have your autoresponder up and running could save you hundreds of hours of work!

Adwords Software Ebooks: There are many different approaches out there today! They all basically offer pretty much the same information concerning Google Adwords. Google Cash being one of the best I have found. It was written by a guy name Chris Carpenter, check it out.

Keyword Investigator Software: “Keywords are King.” It’s not content, like you may have heard? It’s the keywords in the content that make it king! This marketing tool is best suited for work-at-home enthusiasts who are trying to build up their respective businesses, with this software you’re bound to get a wide and varied choice of keywords to help your website become more noticeable to internet users. Some of the better ones are Wordtracker, NicheBot, and of course OLE’ faithful the Overture tool. Now own by Yahoo.

List Building: Ok, if any of us have been exposed to Internet Marketing for any length of time, we know that we must build a list; otherwise the majority of our efforts are being wasted. The backbone of any Internet marketing business is the list. My favorite is Joel Christopher. He is a master list builder and can teach you how to become one too!

Web Site Hosting: There are many companies today on the Internet that offers web site hosting. If you have more then one site, make sure that for each web site you have, use a different hosting company. The reason being is you want different IP Addresses for each site, especially if you ever want to link them together. Otherwise the search engines will know that your sites are coming from the same IP Address and this will not help your ranking.

Here are a few of the better web hosting companies that are reputable and provide “Top Ten” service: Godaddy, 1hostingsolutions, Sitesell.

There are other tools you may want later, but you can start with these tools I recommended first and do very well on the Internet.

Business online is growing at a very fast pace, and with the help of a bit of marketing, a plan, and tools to set your plan in motion you will be on your way to building a successful online business.