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Sunday, July 30, 2006

How to get Free Private Label Rights Articles and Content

Building a website without quality content is comparable to running your car without adding oil. You may slide by for a while, but eventually you will face disaster.

The problem for many new online marketers is how to create all the quality content that search engines demand and visitors require. Coming up with even ten pages of content can seem daunting, let alone 100's of pages.

If you have the money, you can outsource this task to others. A quick search for outsourcing sites will show people are offering several hundred dollars for only 20 or 25 articles. This method of getting quality content will burn up the dollars in a hurry.

For those not so blessed with money to burn, the alternative is to create the content yourself. But trying to find the time and ideas for writing all that content makes many marketers throw their hands up in defeat.

This is why many marketers turn to private label rights content. It seems so easy. Join a membership site offering private label content, find an article about your niche and slap it on your site. . .instant content.

The problem comes with the word quality. You want your website to offer unique information that will keep both the search engines and most of all, your visitors coming back. If you have the same content on your site that hundreds of other sites do, you are not offering anything new to keep a reader interested. As is usually the case in life, the answer lies in the middle.

Infogoround is a membership site offering private label articles and products. You pay a monthly fee and in exchange have access to a searchable database of articles. You also receive niche products every month.

Everything they offer comes with private label rights meaning you can put your name on it. The key to best using this site though is that you can also change any content to suit your needs and make it original.

When it comes time to write an article for your ezine or to create another content page for your website, just visit Infogoround. Go to their search page and type in a keyword that describes what you want to write about. Up pops articles concerning your subject.

Do not use the articles. Instead, take the time to read through the ones that seem to best focus on the content you want to create. Get ideas from these articles. Use them to create an outline of the article you want for your ezine or website. If you have Microsoft Word, copy the article to it and use the Autosummarize option under the Tools Menu to pull out the main points of the article. Now instead of having to start your article from scratch, you have good quality content to get the creative juices flowing.

If there are parts of the article you want to use as is, go ahead. Just rewrite the paragraphs before and after to keep things unique. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for words and change the article that way. Add an introduction at the beginning using your own personal perspective. Create a summary for the end of the article recapping the highlights. Make sure you come up with an original keyword rich headline.

There are hundreds of different ways to say the same thing using the English language. Taking advantage of this and adding your own experience can turn a private label article into creative quality content. This gives you the advantage of appearing knowledgeable to your visitors and keeping search engines coming back for more.

Wait a minute you say. Was this not supposed to be about getting free private label rights content? Paying a membership fee every month is not an example of no cost.

This is where Infogoround is different then most membership sites. Every month you pay $24.95 to receive access to great private label rights articles and products. But every month you also have the opportunity to earn $24.95 paid back to you by writing just one article.

When you are ready to write an article for your ezine or website, just log into Infogoround and go to the publishing center. Create your article using the private label content you have already checked out in their database. Using the suggestions above, create your article.

Infogoround offers numerous tools to help you check your article for grammar and common errors. Once you have the article written and checked, hit submit.

Provided your article meets the basic requirements that every writer must follow, within two days Infogoround will have your article scanned and published into the database. Once it is published at Infogoround, paste it into your ezine or website.

Not only do you now have good content that you created, but you will also be paid $24.95 for writing just this one article. You are then free to take advantage of all the other private label content and products available at Infogoround at no charge for the rest of the month.

Most members at Infogoround that use your article for content on their site will use some of the above techniques to make the article theirs. This will keep your content yours. For those that do just copy and paste, this one article may lose some of its unique value.

But by using Infogoround private label content and the above strategy, you can create as many articles per month as you want. Even if you only write four other articles per month, your websites uniqueness rating to visitors and search engines alike would be at 80%. This 80% rating will get you much further in the Internet Marketing game then posting 20 replica content pages.

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