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Monday, August 06, 2007

New Trends In Traffic Generation

Whatever you do on the net, you will always deal with
Traffic Generation...the holly grail.

To make it short, you have 2 main types of traffic :

1) Search Engine traffic

What is it? : organic traffic
coming from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN

Pros :
- This traffic is
- Traffic is highly targeted
- Volume of traffic can be very high

Cons :
- you don't control it
- you rely on robots to analyze your site and deliver
some traffic
- you need to get indexed...without being de-indexed
(once again, you rely on search engines policy and
- short term

2) Referred Traffic
(I know Search engine traffic is also a sort of
referred traffic, but let's put SE traffic apart
from this category)

What is it?
Traffic coming from third party sites (other than search
engines) and is a result of a "manual / human" action.

Examples : article directories, social bookmarking services,
forums, partners, text link ads, banners, directories, rss...

Pro :
- you control it
- you have a lot of means to develop it
(almost unlimited ; a lot are
- it's highly targeted
- You can pay to get better targeting and control
over your referred traffic
- Long term

Cons :
- Time & resources consuming
- Repetitive tasks

Now, through my membership (Niches-In-A-Box), my forum,
my readings of other forums, I know that most webmasters
mainly rely on search engines traffic, our first category.

The aim of the present article is to throw the light on
a different angle of the Traffic Generation big box!

Summary : the right way to get into traffic generation is
to forget about search engines.

Focusing on search engine traffic gives a too narrow
vision of traffic generation. It does not reveal all
the opportunities existing outside of the search engines
(understand all the way to generate Referred Traffic).

In addition, as you've seen from the cons above, you accept
to rely on something you never control, and this is a HUGE
risk in your marketing strategy.

Warning : I do not say, you should not care about search engine
traffic. I say that it should not be your priority, and the first
door you try to open when dealing with traffic generation.
It's a question of point of view.

Now, on the other hand, focusing on developing what we called
Referred Traffic is a more positive, constructive and profitable
attitude and marketing strategy.

Not only will you build traffic for the long term, but
you will also "manually" control your traffic, either by
submitting your content, your sites, your feeds, or by
exchanging links, content, traffic with partners,
being active on forums, blogs...

Doing it this way will give you a lot of power and effectiveness.
Those sources of Referred Traffic only vanish...if you decide
to let them vanish. Once again, you control everything.

Now, you have some positive side effects :
- By building Referred Traffic, you give a lot of food
to search engines to index your site, understand them,
and rank them well...
- ...thus developing naturally your Search Engine Traffic!

Try to develop Referred Traffic by submitting your sitemap to
Google, and you will understand the difference between the
2 approaches :-)

Google and other search engines tend to change their algorithms
quite often to produce more relevant content for users of their
engines. Sometimes, your site is getting de-indexed in a day
just because of this.

Are you lost, is your site dead? It could if you only relied on
Search Engine traffic. It has no impact if you focused on building
Referred Traffic.

In one case, you feel bad and like if you had wasted your time.
In the other case, you don't even notice it (on the long run ;
of course, you can see a fall in traffic coming from
a given search engine)

But even then, your site has a lot of chances of being re-indexed
when you've build Referred Traffic, simply because the search engines
food is still there! And this is a HUGE difference and one of the most
valuable asset you can develop.

If you're still with me, you should now understand my point : when
with bots, you need to act as a human...which means you should
not try to talk to them :-) Give them some "bot food" that you build
naturally by developing a Referred Traffic Generation Strategy.

Here are 10 easy "pieces" to do what we described above :

Once you have a site...
1) Find some related blogs, read them, identify trends, and post
comments (no stupid comments, no spam of course) with a link
back to your site where you're also discussing the topic

2) Do the same with related forums. Use search engines (!)
to find relevant forums. Register and start being active
on these forums. Use your signature to put a link back to
your site

3) Create a blog (if you don't have one) and post on a regular
basis on it. Use a service like feedburner to syndicate your content
with other webmasters.

4) Submit your feeds, blogs, and site to niche directories

5) Find "authority" sites in your niche, analyze them and
contact the webmasters to :
a) propose a link exchange (you should
first put a link to their site),
b) if you're selling a report or an ebook, propose them
to become an affiliate (give them a fre.e copy of your ebook
first), and make it easy for them to manage their promotion
c) if they have a newsletter, read it, understand it, and then
ask the webmaster if you can have a sponsored ad into it,
or even better a solo ad where you could advertise your site,
newsletter, ebook...
d) propose content exchange with link back to each other's website
e) build a relation with them

6) The most effective : write articles and submit them to
article directories (some with big traffic, and some niche
related ones)

7) Social bookmarking and social networking :
a) build a Squidoo
lens (see for more details).
You can find many sites like Squidoo and build pages
about your niche on these ones too. You can link them to your
main niche sites, you can link back to your blogs, or even
to your other "squidoo" like pages, thus creating a "niche social
net" all relevant to your niche.
b) build a myspace account and create a profile around your niche,
then build your "list" of friends around this profile
c) submit your site to social bookmarking services (digg, technorati, ...)
d) You can also comment on the most popular entries with a link
back to your site, blog, or squidoo lens.

8) Use videos and sites like (and similar) to drive
traffic to your niche site. Produce a short video (2-3 minutes)
around your site, your niche and you.
Link to your Videos from your "niche social net" (see 7) )
Also, ask webmasters to put a link to this video (once you
have build a relation with them) - Or they can upload it to
their server and brand it with their affiliate ID, if you have
an affiliate program

9) Make it viral : your best source of
(new) your (current) traffic!

Use some "Tell a friend" features on your site to have them
promote your site. You can provide incentives (such as a fre.e
report, a coupon for your ebook...)

10) Paid Traffic : yes...all the above technics do not cost
a penny...(unless you pay for advertising on a partner's site)

You can pay to get tar.geted traffic : you can advertise through
text link ads, banners, that will appear on high traffic sites.

You should serioulsy consider paid traffic. Do not see it as
a cost, but rather as an initial in.ves.tment to boost your site.
Also, if your site is correctly monetized, then paid traffic
is the easiest way to get some quick metrics about this, and
to make it profitable quickly.

As you see we could easily expand this list. But, those are,
in my opinion, the most important sources of Referred Traffic.

Now, compare the above list with Search Engine traffic, and you
will see why your approach should focus on generating Referred Traffic
and not Search Engine Traffic. This type of traffic will come
naturally anyway...

Clifton Waldrep, I hope I made Traffic Generation a bit clearer...

To your success

JP Schoeffel

Friday, June 22, 2007

Advertising Offline

First of all let me say that having spent the past 20 years working closely with small businesses I know exactly what works when it comes to offline advertising. Since most of us are always online and our business is online, we often forget the importance of advertising our business offline. If you're pretty new to online business and just starting one right now, you may want to consider advertise your business offline first.

In conclusion, if you have a business that's only based online using offline advertising to make money online is a great idea because so many people today go online to get information about products and services they are interested in. If you advertise online for your e-commerce site then that is great, but advertising offline has some perks as well and you will reach people that are not necessarily Internet savvy. Advertising your e-commerce site offline can really be a boost to your sales if you know where to advertise.

Which advertising method works best -- on or offline ads? One of the main advantages of offline advertising over online is that people still believe more in what they see on TV than on the Internet. In the print media, space is limited by the cost of production which keeps ad rates high and makes the balance of content versus advertising critical to the financial success of any print publication that relies on advertising.

This difference with blog Internet advertising rates is important because in the print media world, ad rates can not go below a certain point because if they do, the publication will cease to be profitable. Actually the very nature of the World Wide Web has a lot to do with it not being suitable for traditional advertising. There are tons of creative, low-cost ways to get the buzz out about your business (flyers, charity work, postcards, bartering with other business, co-op advertising, etc.

I wish you much success in all of your offline advertising adventures. As you can see, using offline advertising methods is very powerful. Also, some theatres even have an advertising option where you can put your coupon or ad on the ticket stub.

I would definitely advise trying out some of these advertising ideas and once you get started you think of more and more. In online advertising you can get information where your visitors are coming from, what do they read on your web site, how much is your email newsletter open-ratio, how much is click/thru ratio for every link in your newsletter, also you can get demographic reports about your visitors/subscribers and many other things. Even though your business is much smaller than these, you need to look into and take advantage of offline opportunities.

The majority of consumable dollars, by a very wide margin, are spent offline. * If they are requesting a free sample, free catalog, entry into a contest or any other form of interest offer them a discount of 10% off their next order. -Give away free mouse pads.

Dejan Bizinger is a Contributing Editor for Infacta. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with working online and I think that to make it big you need a healthy balance of both. As clear proof of this, software that blocks pop-up advertisements and unsolicited mail has been very popular online.

-Buy mailing lists and send direct mail.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 Top Internet Marketing Tips

The keys to succeeding with marketing in the online world are very similar to those used in the offline world ( the land of bricks and mortar ). What you need to bear in mind is that valid assumptions made one minute online, can quickly change as the internet is changing so quickly. You need to keep your wits about you and move with the times, or get left behind !

Here are 10 tips to get you started:

1) Find a niche. If you don't care about money, then choose what you know. Otherwise do some research and find out if your niche is worthwhile in a profitable sense.

2) Learn from people who have already succeeded. Success can be modelled. If you do what they do, and learn from them ( I dont mean plagiarism ), then it's inevitable you will become a success too.

3) Keep an open mind and educate yourself. It's worth buying a product if you can learn just ONE new thing from it. Don't ever think you already know it and have it covered. There will be somebody else out there doing it smarter and faster than you.

4) Find out what people want in your niche then give it to them.

5) Test. Test. Test. Once you have traffic, test the conversion rate of the visitors. Conduct split tests. Measure. Compare. Adjust. Repeat.

6) If you have a local service you can STILL use the internet to market your services. Ignore those that say you can only serve if your area is applicable to the
global marketplace.

7) Have a plan. Do something towards your goal every day. Break it down and don't lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.

8) Don't get discouraged if you don't see instant results. Success comes to those who persist. If something isn't working make sure you have given it CHANCE to work first. If it still isn't working, have a good look at what you are doing and then get back off the floor and go at it again. It will be worth it in the long run. Don't quit.

9) Invest some time to learn the internet culture. Join a few good forums on internet marketing.

10) Subscribe to our newsletter ( sorry I had to plug it ) and we'll help you succeed. Okay, okay, here's another bona fide top 10 tip: Be passionate about your business and your clients - they are your lifeblood.

Article by Daniel Peterson of ( The resource for succeeding in internet marketing)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Internet Marketing Through Partnerships

In the cyberspace business world it is easy to get lost. Therefore the term Internet marketing has become the hottest of topics. There are a thousand different Internet marketing strategies, but what Internet marketing strategies are the ones that truly work? Look up Internet marketing on the Internet and you will be bombarded with terms like blog posting, article directory submission and affiliate marketing. With so much out there it's easy to feel you're in an Internet marketing avalanche. You just want an Internet marketing tool that's going to be effective. Why is that so hard to find?

Perhaps the solution to your Internet marketing frustrations is something called joint venture marketing. How can joint venture marketing solve your Internet marketing dilemmas? Allow me to draw you a picture.

Imagine two conventional stores, one a clothing store the other a shoe store. Can you tell where this Internet marketing metaphor is going? A client for either store is running a high probability of needing the other store's services as well. The same principle can be applied to your Internet marketing needs. The clothing store promotes the shoe store to their clients; the shoe store does likewise, both business benefit. If it will work in conventional business then chances are it will work for Internet marketing purposes as well.

What kinds of other online businesses would compliment yours? That is the first question to ask in determining how to use partnerships to expand your Internet marketing. Ask yourself why your clients buy from you.

Successful Internet marketing can only happen when you understand your client. Then ask yourself what associated needs your client may have. Now your Internet marketing journey is well on its way.

As soon as you find a successful online business that can compliment the needs of your client then your Internet marketing search is nearing fruition. Now you can build a relationship with that business that will see Internet marketing success for both of you.

But be prepared to work on it. Successful Internet marketing is more than just carrying links to each other's sites. It needs to be a well thought out Internet marketing strategy that will drive people to both businesses.

When that is working on both ends of the Internet marketing partnership both businesses will prosper. Both businesses will succeed because the Internet marketing campaign combines the strength of both businesses into one Internet marketing whole. The result is a beneficial Internet marketing campaign for both parties.

An additional word of advice: Once you have found a potential Internet marketing partner, do your best to make the initial meeting a personal one. Given the global nature of the Internet, a face-to-face meeting may not be possible, but there is always the phone. Your Internet marketing search has taken a lot of work so that now that you have made a choice in an Internet marketing partner you need to give that choice the best chance of responding favorably to you. The more personal the initial contact the better the chance that you will solidify an Internet marketing partner.

About the Author:
An informed source of advice for all Internet Marketing and Home Business related issues. For information on the very latest & best online opportunity visit:

Friday, March 30, 2007

Marketing Strategies

Viral marketing strategies are marketing techniques that once implemented take on a life of their own, they continually expand their reach across cyberspace drawing more customers and their cash into your net. The biggest businesses have already realized that integrating online and offline-marketing strategies is the best way to tap into a larger customer base as well as make customers spend more. Researching the best Internet marketing strategies is a bit of a task.

One of the most used strategies for marketing an online business is learning to get a high search engine ranking. These 5 Low-Budget High Impact Marketing Strategies will take your online business exactly where you want to it to go. By consistently using the strategies outlined above, you will be able to grow your Internet marketing business.

After you have selected the Internet marketing business you want to be involved in, you will then need to know about the marketing strategies and other things you must do in order to make sure that you succeed. -- Programs are the things you will do to bring your marketing strategies to life. By incorporating a few simple success strategies into your marketing campaign, you can quickly develop a targeted marketing plan that will bring specifically targeted traffic to your site with the intent to purchase what you offer.

You must develop and implement both short-term and long-term marketing strategies to bring a continuous flow of targeted traffic to your web site. Below are ten up-selling web site-marketing strategies that you can use to increase your profits. Your business will do well to perform each and every strategy noted above, however, performing just one of these powerful marketing strategies will improve your chances of drawing visitors to your site, but more importantly, it will help keep them coming back.

To be most effective, your marketing strategies should be integrated into your marketing plan (which in turn should be part of the business plan). By using email as part of an overall marketing plan, you can increase your firm's brand identity, improve customer relations, and help get the word out about your online (or offline) business. Instead of developing new marketing strategies look for ways to improve the ones your are currently using.

Viral marketing strategies are so powerful that whole ebooks and courses have been written on how to implement and use such techniques to squeeze the most out of them. Here are 7 autoresponder-marketing strategies that you can implement to automate, build and grow your business. Online affiliate marketing strategies are very similar to traditional product and service strategies in that the basic fundamental marketing concepts apply.

Online affiliate marketing, for the purpose of this writing, describes the act of marketing a product or service that is owned by someone else for the sole purpose of making a commission or some other satisfying equal benefit. Total Merchant Services (TMS) This outstanding company comes highly recommended by Corey Rudl -- author of the #1 selling online marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet. Thus, to successfully integrate your online and offline marketing strategy you need to ensure that all the promotions are created by the same set of artists.

Another advantage of this website marketing strategy is that after you publish the article it will start to multiply. The great thing about this website marketing strategy is that this links are really optimized for your desired keywords. All in all, if you are looking for a good website marketing strategy, than one way links will satisfy your needs.

So increasing your link popularity is still the best website marketing strategy but try to get only good links from related sites. The best way to approach this website marketing strategy is to temporary improve your link popularity with paid links. The right approach is the key in network marketing, and the authority that others are permitted to exercise is also a winning strategy.

Good luck in your Internet business.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tools of Survival for Internet Marketing

Like any industry, Internet Marketing has its own special marketing tools and methods. As a web site owner you are probably familiar with the importance of Internet marketing tools.

Content and pay per click advertising are just two of many internet marketing tools that you can utilize to improve your search engine optimization and achieve high web site traffic. There are different Internet marketing tools that you can utilize. Using Internet marketing tools, which will help you will find better placement in search engine positions and rankings.

Tools for building, maintaining, marketing and promoting online commerce at any level will be indispensable in marketing your products and services on the Internet. I have named this article " Tools of Survival for Internet Marketing," as I will list out the tools that I would find not only necessary, but also mandatory for anyone beginning their quest to start an Internet marketing business.

Autoresponders: Will be one of the most widely used marketing tools you will ever get your hands on! A good company to use is Aweber,
Once you have your autoresponder up and running could save you hundreds of hours of work!

Adwords Software Ebooks: There are many different approaches out there today! They all basically offer pretty much the same information concerning Google Adwords. Google Cash being one of the best I have found. It was written by a guy name Chris Carpenter, check it out.

Keyword Investigator Software: “Keywords are King.” It’s not content, like you may have heard? It’s the keywords in the content that make it king! This marketing tool is best suited for work-at-home enthusiasts who are trying to build up their respective businesses, with this software you’re bound to get a wide and varied choice of keywords to help your website become more noticeable to internet users. Some of the better ones are Wordtracker, NicheBot, and of course OLE’ faithful the Overture tool. Now own by Yahoo.

List Building: Ok, if any of us have been exposed to Internet Marketing for any length of time, we know that we must build a list; otherwise the majority of our efforts are being wasted. The backbone of any Internet marketing business is the list. My favorite is Joel Christopher. He is a master list builder and can teach you how to become one too!

Web Site Hosting: There are many companies today on the Internet that offers web site hosting. If you have more then one site, make sure that for each web site you have, use a different hosting company. The reason being is you want different IP Addresses for each site, especially if you ever want to link them together. Otherwise the search engines will know that your sites are coming from the same IP Address and this will not help your ranking.

Here are a few of the better web hosting companies that are reputable and provide “Top Ten” service: Godaddy, 1hostingsolutions, Sitesell.

There are other tools you may want later, but you can start with these tools I recommended first and do very well on the Internet.

Business online is growing at a very fast pace, and with the help of a bit of marketing, a plan, and tools to set your plan in motion you will be on your way to building a successful online business.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Niche Web Site Marketing

Niche web site design is first step in a strong niche marketing campaign. If you have a web site that's not pulling in prospects and sales, I have a marketing secret to share with you. The web site marketing you use to promote your Internet location tells a lot about you in general.

May these internet web site marketing secrets help you to make a lot of money. May these web site marketing secrets help you to make a lot of money. The Web site needs to be designed and developed in light of the integrated marketing activities in which it plays a leading role.

Here are the 6 Web Site Marketing Strategies discussed in Part 1 of this article. Please read Part 2 of this article to receive the other 6 Web Site Marketing Strategies. For the highest competition search phrases, your site will also need SEO, as some of your competitors will have called in a search engine optimization consultant to help them with their web marketing strategy.

As much as 80% of the algorithm used by a search engine to rank a web site is dependant upon links to your web site from other web sites – this should be central to any website marketing strategy. Once upon a time, few people cared about search engine optimization and the web site visitor experience. A few of the internet marketing services out there are going to give you hints, tips and ideas about how you can improve your search engine rankings, just as we do on the pages listed on this site.

Now there are internet marketing paid options that deliver traffic to your site faster than the initial process of search engine optimization. Besides using the Internet marketing services that we offer, that you can implement with a few clicks of your mouse with your web site, you will also want to implement other marketing techniques. When you analyze the source of the problem with these types of ill-performing sites, your conclusion has to be that the Web site was developed without solid marketing communication objectives.

One of the best ways to get free web site marketing is to get your web site’s link, with title and description, placed on other websites. Decide early whether your web site marketing will be centered on web site design or if content will be the most important. Continually test all your web site marketing strategies to see which one works the best.

By creating more than one strategy to market your web site, you can see which one works the best by attracting the most visitors. A web site that carries one theme, one voice, one focus and resources all geared to meeting the needs of THAT target market – has a better chance of success. Targeting the proper keyphrases is one of the three major factors in writing your web site sales copy.

Many people think that the quickest way to improve their web site marketing and increase sales is to convince or 'sell' more prospects. --Blogging is something that you may or may not have considered as a way to increase web site traffic. The method I am talking about to get more web site traffic is called article submission marketing.

Here are some Web site marketing tips you can use. Another important web site marketing technique is linking to other sites. Doing whatever you can to push your important keyword phrase toward the top of the page and toward the beginning of your tags is the first step toward having a successful Web site that's ranked in the top of the search engine rankings.

In other words, with all of these tags and the placement of our keyword phrase in the page's contents, we're proving to the engines that the page is really about "search engine seminars. Written by Margo Courtney, author of the Free Web Site Marketing Package, which lists hundreds of 100% free resources and ideas to increase web site traffic. You have permission to publish this article electronically, in print, in your ebook, or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author bylines are included.

WebSolutions is a professional Web site design, development, and hosting company based near Chicago. Stoney deGeyter is president of Pole Position Marketing, a professional search engine optimization and marketing firm based in Reno, NV, providing quality SEO services since 1998. Brian Hawkins has several years of experience providing tips on conversion rate optimization while working for two leading search engine marketing agencies.